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Justice and Spanish: Help

Catholic Lectionary - Justice and Spanish

This site, fully bilingual in English and Spanish, provides a table for the complete current liturgical year and many useful links.

Edited by Fr. John Bucki, S.J., the site relates Sunday texts to Catholic Social Teaching.

Thomas L. Garlitz, the Director of the Peace and Social Justice Ministry of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois, gives weekly reflections correlating the Sunday readings to issues of peace and justice.

This Spanish language site of the Dominican friars in Spain includes La Palabra, dia a dia (The daily Word), commentaries on the sacred scriptures, homilies, links to other web sites, preaching resources for children's homilies, and prayers.

Emphasis is placed on community action and social justice in the context of Latin America. In addition to exegesis on the Gospel, this Brazilian site suggests points for reflection at the personal as well as community levels. It also gives suggestions for the prayers of the faithful. The site is given in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Weekly reflections on the Sunday lectionary through the interpretive lens of the cultural theories of Rene Girard.

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